If you’re driving the postcode for a Sat Nav is BS34 5GN. When you’re within 1 mile of the postcode, please follow the event signage to get to the correct entrance. If this post code doesn’t work, please try BS34 6QA.

We have a large car park on site which is roughly a 5 minute walk from the arena gates.  We don’t recommend parking elsewhere as the pedestrian routes are not easy and can be quite a long walk depending on how you access the site.

Please note you must have a car parking pass in order to leave your car at the venue and these need to be displayed clearly in your vehicle. Cars cannot be left in the car park overnight.

Advanced car parking passes are now off sale, they can be purchased on the night for £20 per vehicle.

We have an area on site for you to be safely dropped off, and where your driver can wait for you at the end of the show. Please make use of this facility and do not get dropped off around the site as it could be dangerous and will impact on the traffic management plan. This area is not for parking, and any vehicles left in this area with no driver will be removed to the car park.